Going Vertical – An Interview With Pole Dancer Jillian Wilschke

Pole geek pole dancing

We discovered Jillian Wilschke completely by accident – but we’re so glad we did! We stumbled across her pole dancing blog – Pole Geek – and were immediately inspired. Starting pole in 2011, Jillian has now worked her way up to competitive pole dancing while establishing her own fantasy wear line. We caught up with...+

The 2015 Guide To Gratitude


  Last year, just before the holiday season, I found myself going through a “quarter-life crisis.” I had recently quit my job, and was feeling really isolated, living an ocean away from my closest friends and hours away from my family. Not many people knew how miserable I was, because on paper, everything looked excellent....+

Siren Phoenix Osceola: An Interview With A Plus-Size Model

Siren Phoenix Osceola plus size model

Siren Phoenix Osceola is a professional plus-size model based in Pennsylvania. She’s auditioned for America’s Next Top Model and been voted the 2013 Plus Model of the Year by the New York Fashion Association. Siren has already accomplished so much, but shows no sign of slowing down. Enjoy our interview with her and the breathtaking...+

Cosmetics Queen Battles Against Skin Bleaching


In the beauty industry so many people are pressured to have flawless skin, look a certain way, get up the employment chain through looks, and the horrible thought process of “looks are everything”. Looks are not everything. The heart and personality of people is what matters the most.  I recently read this article about skin bleaching. It...+

Middle School’s Ban Punishes The Victims


This week two separate schools made headlines for their absurd policies. A North Carolina elementary school told 9 year old Grayson Bruce that he was no longer allowed to wear his My Little Pony backpack to school because it was considered a “trigger for bullying.” School Officials were aware that Grayson was being physically and...+

The Re-invention of Barbie


Nickolay Lamm is the artist behind the “Normal Barbie”, a doll with the measurements of an average 19 year old that went viral last year. Now it seems that Lamm has much bigger plans for the inspirational doll. Amazed by how much attention he received for the “Normal Barbie”, he has decided to put actual...+

Can You Exercise Too Much?


ABC News Nightline published a short article recently about Kathryn Schreiber, a woman who was obsessed with working out 4 hours a day. While many would label her dedication as an accomplishment, she thought of it as a never-ending curse. For two years she would exercise religiously, not taking any days off even if she...+

Cameron Diaz Announces Release Of Body-Positive Book With Au Naturale Photo


It’s an exciting time for actress Cameron Diaz, and now she’s got us pumped as well! On December 11th, Cameron posted a smiling makeup-free photo of herself to her Instagram account, gushing about her new nutrition book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body....+

Photographer’s Provocative Series Challenges What “Attractive” Means To Viewers

o-HAGEN-900 (5)

What makes someone “attractive?” As we become more and more saturated with media-propagated imagery, people are starting to push back and question why there is only one standard of beauty. One artist, Gracie Hagen, has created an amazing project addressing the root of “attractive”. In an effort to explore the unrealistic images in the media in comparison...+

The Numbers Game


The meringue in this lemon Jell-O custard is fluffy as I dip my spoon into its creaminess. My face pouts a little at the sour taste, but the Jell-O goes down smooth. No, it’s not the real thing—lemon meringue pie has crust, for one—but this pseudo-lemon pie cup fulfills my sweet craving. Sort of, anyway....+

Real men take on underwear ads


You have no idea how happy I was to see this! There have (thankfully) been tons of body image projects for women – and more are surfacing every day – but we’ve been seriously lacking initiatives that portray the bodies of everyday males. The Sun did us all a favor and took overly-sexualized, overly-dramatized, overly-everything...+

Rick Owens’ Spring 2014 show says “Fuck You” to conventional beauty

Rick Owens

Rick Owens had something to say to the Paris runway, and to the fashion world as a whole it seemed. That message was, “Fuck you.” You could tell something was different immediately in his Spring 2014 presentation on the Paris runway. There were drumbeats and actual energy being emitted from the models, who were pounding...+

Debenhams uses a variety of models in its newest Lookbook and the results are amazing


If you know your way around fashion, you’re familiar with the term “Lookbook.” Companies use lookbooks to showcase specific designs or a store’s upcoming seasonal lines. Usually, they’re filled with slim, caucasian models that have been used on runways and the majority of the fashion industry for ages. But Debenhams, a popular U.K.-based store, wants...+

Learning Our Limits


Occasionally the news or day time talk shows will run a story on how so many percent of women take on too much, that they put themselves last when it comes to family and run themselves ragged taking on too many tasks. They always talk about how women feel the need to be superwoman and...+

Meet the Designer and Plus size Models Who Just Made New York Fashion Week History

new york fashion week

New York Fashion Week, which started on September 4th, has begun and is already making headlines! On Friday, Cabiria designer Eden Miller made history with the first plus-size line – after ONLY 60 years of catwalks! Although the average American woman now wears a size 14, attractive plus-size fashions and models who can wear them are still hard...+

Mark your calendars Sept. 23-27 for Weight Stigma Awareness Week!

WSAW Small

Imagine a world where people are supported in living happy, healthy lives, free of judgment about the size of their bodies…this is the mission of BEDA’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week. You can help bring that vision to life! Late September marks the 3rd Annual Weight Stigma Awareness Week, (September 23-27), hosted by the Binge Eating Disorder Association...+

Plastic surgeon sculpts and marries his perfect woman

David Matlock

This article has been making its rounds on the internet recently, and I can see why. Plastic surgeon David Matlock has created his ideal woman, and married her. David met Veronica during a consultation for a vaginoplasty procedure, which David is quote well-known for (he rocketed his Los Angeles Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute  to fame...+

20 year old model photographed to be 10-60 with photography, styling and makeup tricks

Eniko Mihalik

I stumbled across this article about Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik today by complete accident, but I’m glad I did. The article dates back to 2008, but it’s so relevant in a time where celebrities in their mid-twenties are casted to play teenagers in films and if you’re over 30, you’re not supposed to look it....+

Suit Urself: Work what you’ve got! Body acceptance tips


Alright, dolls – we’re in week 3 of the Suit Urself Swimsuit Challenge! We’ve gotten a few inquiries about submissions, so I’m very excited to be sharing them with you in the near future! If you’re curious, have a question, or want to participate, please email us at submissions@beutifulmagazine.com! If you tuned in last week,...+

Suit Urself! Choose your attitude this summer with our body-positive swimsuit challenge!


Summer is in full swing! It’s an amazing time of year that many of us impatiently wait for. Warm weather, BBQs, vacation time, beach trips – what more could you ask for?! Unfortunately, summer also brings anxiety for many. Instead of enjoying the sun, making memories and participating in events, some of us will be...+

Teen Pregnancy Ad Causes Controversy


The Chicago Department of Health ran an ad campaign directed towards preventing teen pregnancy that has been getting a lot of attention. The ads, which will be featured on buses and train platforms, features young males sporting a pregnant belly with the words “Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are. Avoid unplanned pregnancies and STIs. Use condoms....+

Binge Eating Disorder resources and info

Binge Eating Disorder Week

This month, Binge Eating Disorder – previously misunderstood and under-diagnosed – has finally been included in the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). With this inclusion comes recognition, the call for more research and greater possibilities for treatment and help. During Binge Eating Disorder Week, we’ve worked with two...+

Kari Adams: My journey through eating disorder recovery and how I “killed it”

Binge Eating Disorder Week

We’ve been honored to work with Kari Adams, founder of “Killer Confidence” and host of the television show ‘Killer Confidence with Kari Adams’ during Binge Eating Disorder Week!  Kari Adams has dedicated her show to putting men and women who have overcome great obstacles in the spotlight, and she speaks from the honest place of...+

Avoiding triggers, building a support system and moving on from Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Week

The inclusion of Binge Eating Disorder into the DSM-5 this month will allow many BED sufferers to reach out, have better access to information and resources and seek treatment. With more research and evidence backing this eating disorder, Binge Eating Disorder will become more understood and lasting solutions for recovery will become readily available. With...+

Binge Eating Disorder: Learning Nutritional Rehabilitation

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Binge Eating Disorder Week is finally here! This week, Beutiful Magazine teamed up with Binge Behavior, Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) and Kari Adams of Killer Confidence to engage in a week-long education and awareness campaign of Binge Eating Disorder. First, how do you know you have a Binge Eating Disorder? HelpGuide.org has assembled the following guide of behavioral and emotional symptoms to help identify...+

Golda Poretsky: Why Portion Control Doesn’t Work (And What To Do Instead)

Binge Eating Disorder Week

We hope you’re enjoying Binge Eating Disorder Week so far! A big part of what we want to accomplish with BED Week is to share related info from several qualified and knowledgeable resources. If you’re not familiar with Body Love Wellness and Golda Poretsky, HHC, consider this your introduction! Golda Poretsky is an intuitive eating...+

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella: My experience with Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Week

If you looked through The Women’s Issue, our most current magazine, you might recognize the name: Lizabeth Wesely-Casella graced Beutiful Magazine two months ago with an article related to shame-based behavior and seeking help. I’m thrilled to say that over the past two months, we’ve kept in contact and have joined Lizabeth and her company,...+

Body image and Binge Eating Disorder: A fine line

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Body image is one’s personal perception about body shape, size, weight, and appearance. Vision, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations are components of body image. Eating disorders and bad body image are often closely linked. The strong desire to lose weight/alter one’s physical appearance, when it is not health-related, is often a byproduct of low self...+

What is the DSM-5 and what does it mean for Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder Week

For those working in the field of behavioral health, the “go-to” book for definitions of the various mental illnesses is The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The current version, DSM-IV, was released in 1994 and the updated manual is slated for release in May 2013. Several changes will affect the eating disorder...+

The behaviors and after-effects associated with Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Binge Eating Disorder (BED), the little-known yet most common eating disorder, has a profound impact on a BED sufferer. They may lose confidence in their ability to control the amount of food consumed once a binge begins. This lack of control quickly spills over to other areas of their life and can have dramatic ramifications...+

Hayley Miller, MS, RD, LDN: Assessing the underlying issues of Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Week

You may recognize Hayley Miller, MS, RD, LDN from our Women’s Issue where she wrote about her experience in treating women with mental health and drug-related problems. Hayley also has much experience in the field of eating disorders, so we were thrilled to have her speak about Binge Eating Disorder and the underlying issues/factors that...+

Recognizing Binge Eating Disorder and its symptoms

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is often misunderstood and difficult to recognize. When most people think of eating disorders, they imagine a skeletal fashion model or very thin teenage girls/adults. People normally do not know that ANYONE can have an eating disorder – even people who are average weights or overweight/obese. It is important to realize...+

Casey Martin, M.S., NCC: Binge Eating Disorder and men

Binge Eating Disorder Week

We’re absolutely honored to have men join the discussion during Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Week! We’re fortunate to have Casey Martin, M.S, NCC in our arsenal of tools and information to shed light on an eating disorder that has not been given proper research until recently. As the program coordinator for the Eating Disorder Center...+

Cynthia Bulik: Erase All Stereotypes: The Most Common Eating Disorder is Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Binge Eating Disorder Week is here! We (and our partners Binge Behavior, Binge Eating Disorder Association and Kari Adams of Killer Confidence with The Kari Adams Show) are so excited to be sharing news and educating you on this misunderstood eating disorder.  This may surprise you, but BED is actually the most common eating disorder,...+

An introduction: What is Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder Week

Binge Eating Disorder Week is here! We (and our partners Binge Behavior, Binge Eating Disorder Association and Kari Adams of Killer Confidence with the Kari Adams Show) are so excited to be sharing news and educating you on this misunderstood eating disorder. We’re all familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. You may...+

H&M Swimsuit Model Thinks Industry Needs More Plus Sizes


Plus size model Jennie Runk recently received lots of attention after posing in H&M ads for their swimwear campaign. Supporters praised the company for using a “normal looking” model. Runk used her new found fame to speak about her personal weight struggles growing up and how she wishes people would just stop using “plus size”...+