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Seeing beauty in all: over-40 nudes

Article written by Sharon Haywood of Adios Barbie

In the summer of 2010 photographer Keith Seat gave life to the project “Seeing Beauty in All: Over-40 Nudes” based out of Washington, DC. He has compiled a wonderful array of black-and-white photos, using non-professional models over the age of 40. (The oldest models to date are in their mid-70s). He explains his motivations:

Keith Seat

.Keith’s commitment to producing images that celebrate diversity is also reflected in his approach when working with the models. We are thrilled with the level of diversity, not only with size and body type, but also with the varied representation of models of different races and sexual orientations. And that’s not the only reason we’re happy to highlight his work. Additionally, Seat states that he is “not about significant retouching or ‘photoshopping.’ Instead, my project celebrates the beauty that is actually present in over-40 nudes.”

Because Seat does not use professional models, he invites women and men over the age of 40 in the Washington, D.C. area to participate in this ongoing project, which he also hopes to publish as a book.

For additional information about this wonderful exhibit, visit his website at:

Keith SeatKeith SeatKeith Seat

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